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China Business Philippines - 21 December 2009
Subject: China Business Philippines - 21 December 2009
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China Business Philippines - 21 December 2009, Monday
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Forget the Fruit Cake
By Camille N. Reyes

Christmas is here again and, as the song goes, it's time to give love. But if your love is making you obsess about the perfect gift, here are some items that you may want to consider. Even the man who has everything would be so happy if you would bring him a few of these goodies.

iPod Nano 5G

They say music is life. So why not make someone's life happy by giving them the latest Apple iPod Nano?

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Merry Christmas


Couples—and Leisurely Diners—Only
By Marion Marking

If the walls of Manila Hotel's Champagne Room could talk, it would probably speak of many a haltingly-delivered, teary-eyed, or nervous marriage proposal. We had a chance to re experience the ambiance of one of Manila's most romantic settings some weeks back, as well as it's French-inspired cuisine, when Executive Chef Konrad Walter prepared a five-course meal ideal for couples.

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Happy New Year!!!


Manila Hotels Filipino Delicacies this Christmas

In the Philippines, Christmas is inexorably associated with the wafting aroma of bibingka and puto bumbong in the streets.

Bibingka is a rice cake topped with slices of white cheese and salted duck eggs while puto bumbong is a sweet dish made from purple-colored ground rice made flavorful by sugary grated coconut and butter.

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