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China Business Philippines - 11 January 2010
Subject: China Business Philippines - 11 January 2010
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China Business Philippines - 11 January 2010, Monday
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China to provide low-cost housing to urban poor, forestry workers

The Chinese central government has allocated 49.3 billion yuan (US$7.25 billion) from the central budget to spend on housing this year. This, after Premier Wen Jiabao said in March that China must provide decent shelter for 7.5 million poor urban families and 2.4 million families of industrial laborers living in shanty towns.

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China should not let the US car firms make easy money from its vast car market. We should teach them a lesson.

He Weiwen

We have a shortage of rice, schools, but most important of all, we have a shortage of the truth. That is why Malacañang is allergic to the word short.

Former Pres. Joseph Estrada

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Elections push RP out of recession

Politicians spending in preparation for the 2010 Philippine elections have buoyed the economy, and the National Economic Development Authority projects that the country's gross domestic product (GDP) will grow 2.6-3.6% next year.

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HKTDC International Tea Fair

The Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC) opened the first Hong Kong International Tea Fair in August. HKTDC's assistant executive director Raymond Yip shows off a 1937 King Edward VIII Coronation tea set during the Tea Fair.

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