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China Business Philippines - 15 March 2010
Subject: China Business Philippines - 15 March 2010
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China Business Philippines - 15 March 2010, Monday
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Top 10 Toy Company Logos in Terms of Excellent Marketing-driven Design

Although it has a formal-looking red square background, Lego’s roundish, bubbly font hints at a softer, playful side. Its color scheme—red and yellow—attracts attention especially from young consumers.

2. Playmobil
The company manufactures miniature people and play sets. Its logo is child-friendly because of its rounded font and the presence of a smiling face in the background.

Top 10

Sinister Big Sister Surveillance
By Wainwright Yu

Are you looking forward to getting an RFID (Radio Frequency ID) sticker for your car? No? Aside from additional cost and more red-tape, are you concerned about government surveillance and tracking?

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Deal or No Deal
By Jonathan P. De Santos

“Location, location, location” has been the mantra of real estate brokers ever since people have bought and sold land. Veteran broker Armando Ang says, however, that there is much more to owning a house than that.

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March 15 - 18
2010 China Building Decoration Fair
Venue: China New International Exhibition Center

March 17-21
Venue: World Trade Center Metro Manila

March 22 – 25
International Film & TV Market (FILMART)
Venue: HK Convention & Exhibition Center
Organizer: HKTDC

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